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Yale Poll: Good US Knowledge of Climate

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

by Claes Johnson

The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication (Bridging Science + Community) reports in American’s Knowledge of Climate Change the following results from a national study of what Americans understand about how the climate system works:

  • The study found important gaps in knowledge and common misconceptions about climate change and the earth system:
  • 57% “know” that the greenhouse effect refers to gases in the atmosphere that trap heat
  • 50% of Americans “understand” that global warming is caused mostly by human activities
  • 45% “understand” that carbon dioxide traps heat from the Earth’s surface.
I find these results surprisingly good, from an educational scientific point of view, since they can interpreted as follows:
  • 43% know that the greenhouse effect of gases in the atmosphere that “trap heat”, is scientific nonsense
  • 50% of Americans understand that global warming is not caused mostly by human activities
  • 55% understand that carbon dioxide cannot “trap heat” from the Earth’s surface.
We see that roughly 50% of the Americans are well informed about a scientific question of fundamental importance to humanity. Which other question could draw such a number?
50% of the Americans thus understand the utter nonsense of the report in Non-Scientific American: Will Birth Control Solve Climate Change?

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Denmark – an ecological monster?

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

by maggie

Denmark end up in third place on the WWF’s super-hot list of the countries with the largest ecological footprint per capita, writes the current environment.

Wonder if it’s because the Danes have so many windmills? :)

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Gothenburg – soon under water!

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

by maggie

A reader told me of an article in the GT when it is suggested that the Gothenburg within 100 years could be flooded. City of Göteborg has, in cooperation with such Chalmers and IVL, started a pilot project that will provide answers to the question of how the city affected when (not IF) sea level rise.

Project Ulf Moback, who is a landscape of City Planning, seems convinced the risk of flooding.

“In a hundred years, scientists believe that sea levels have risen by one meter, even if no one knows for sure of course. I think you it will be even more, “he says.

Now shouting probably one awake to the reader: “But wait, uplift, then?”

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