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The Illusion of Efficiency

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

On 2010 10/10, “ten-teners” were supposed to engaged in various activities to address the 350 problem (as they see it.)  The Canmore group decided to do some trail improvements and a gardening project.  Naturally, I support trail improvements and am pleased with their efforts.  Their thought was that the trail improvements between Canmore and the Nordic Center will encourage skiers to walk rather than drive to the Nordic Center.  Whether the new trail means less driving or not, it does create  options and only took elbow grease to accomplish.  So what’s my beef?

My beef is twofold.  The project was led by locals Thomas Grandi and Sara Renner, both world class skiers I’ve been lucky enough to watch compete.  Being a competitive skier involves constantly flying around the world even before you add up the fuel burnt hauling skiers up hills and  burning gas in 2-stroke snow machine engines.  These two have used more fuel in their lives then most of us will in a dozen lifetimes.  Burning oil gave them a living and the reputation they now use as a platform to tell the rest of us to use less energy than we already do.  Forgive me if I excuse myself from the lecture.

Does this hypocrisy keep them up at night?  I suspect it doesn’t since Grandi has used his muscle to get the Alberta Ski Team to buy “carbon dioxide offset credits.” This is Grandi’s get out of jail card  for his past gluttonous oil dependency. It’s his “Yes, But.” Yes I flew around the world every week for 14 years burning oil for the noble purpose of racing other people on skies, But…..I now buy credits.

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