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Andrew Revkin shocked that science is evolving

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

by Luboš Motl

Andrew Revkin wrote about his exchanges with Hal Lewis:

A physicist’s climate complaints (Dot Earth)

The first observation that Revkin finds utterly shocking is that 20 years ago, Hal Lewis didn’t quite understand that and why the opinions that the changing climate justifies expensive interventions was unsupported by science. I knew very little about the changing climate 20 years ago, too.

However, for Andrew Revkin, the fact that someone can learn something new in 20 years is a shocking news. I will discuss this point later.

Revkin has also asked a few well-defined, elementary questions to Lewis. And Lewis gave him sensible answers. Finally, Revkin invites a distinguished guest blogger who supplements Revkin’s complaints about the “man-made science change” which he clearly equates with “global science disruption” (because science shouldn’t change, should it, Andy?) with a hateful rant.

The author of the rant, David Ropeik, is a remarkable personality who should be worshiped by the Internet and the world population because he is a student of technological risk, whatever this bizarre discipline is supposed to mean. It’s the second most distinguished position in the world after being Barack Obama. To evaluate the technological risk, one primarily has to know the actual technology in question. So the experts in technological risks are the experts in the technology itself.

But the remarkable student clearly has to study something different. You don’t need to guess twice what this novel discipline means: it’s a far-left, neo-Luddite ideological movement that just tries to claim that pretty much all technology is risky. Those people know – and are expected know – nothing about the actual technologies, or anything about the real world, for that matter. Nevertheless, a self-evident idiot is found appropriate by Andrew Revkin to teach a veteran nuclear physicist about technology, technological risk, and the climate science.

Are you serious, Andy? Can’t you really see that Mr or Ms David Ropeik’s brain is just a pile of worthless trash?

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