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Public Interest In Climate Protection Wanes (Again) in Germany – Rahmstorf Whines

By P Gosselin

Despite all the media über-hype about this year’s weather extremes, which are normal to begin with, and the upcoming Cancun Conference, German public interest in climate protection fell yet again during the 3rd quarter of 2010, from 56 to 55, according to the co2online GmbH, a program set up by the German Ministry for Energy.

The reason for the drop was due to the lack of interest by the media in reporting on climate change. The public is bored by the topic.

The Climate Barometer is published every quarter and is based on the evaluation of 4 indicators, which are converted to form the Climate Barometer index.


Experts complained about the continued wane in public interest. Thomas Hirschof the organisation: Bread for the World:

In the energy debate, climate protection is an issue that was very much overshadowed by the recent  issue of nuclear power in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research:

Flooding in Pakistan and heatwave in Russia brought the topic in the media, but incredibly little. There is also very little discussion on the causes of such extreme events.

I can’t help Mr Hirsch, but perhaps I can give Dr Rahmstorf, Prince of Panic, some background on extreme weather events and their causes.

Cyclones globally are near record lows and have been falling 20 years. So it can’t be because of global warming. So get a life Dr Rahmstorf. You’re fooling no one.

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