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From the miraculous resurrection of extinct species

The types of braces again makes the rounds.

Surprisingly, however, once the other way around:
Supposedly extinct animals are still alive

Again and again, “Extinct” on what is not in the least surprising.

World probably extinct mammals are much less than feared. More than a third of the extinct since since 1500 species believed to have been rediscovered, two researchers at the Australian University of Queensland report in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B “. A total of 67 of the 187 had initially emerged as a declared or not long-extinct animals sighted again.

Apart from the fact that 99.9% of all extinct on this planet have ever existing species long before the wanton destruction of the environment by modern humans, arise all the “reports” about extinct species of the “imagination” of their creators.

No one can provide evidence for the extinction of the native garden in my invisible pink unicorn – and just as is true of all other species on our planet.

It is and will remain wishful thinking, nothing more, nothing less.

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